A 2.5D minimalist anthropomorphic platforming game, inspired by classics set within an isolated open cubic tower for mobile and computer.



Joshua Croft, based in Norwich, England.

Founding Date

April 2010.



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Guerilla Cambridge, Killzone Mercenary.


Inspired by Constructivism and optical illusions, Forgotten Balls world is a labyrinth. Forgotten Ball is a game centred around a rigid cubic structure, and a single ball. Forgotten Ball is a minimalist game, a maze and precise platformer.

Forgotten Ball is both challenging and captivating, with a truly independent experience, Forgotten Ball is meant to be a video game taking people back to games they might have played in their childhood, whilst offering the a fair challenge for those whom want to gain completion.

A precise open platform world that's interconnected with challenge and adventure. Puzzles increase in difficulty, and skill based platforms that demand precise jumping and balance. Conventional and classical controls are featured in Forgotten Ball. On mobile devices there is tilt or touch based controls. On Desktop customisable controls are offered and controller support.


Forgotten Ball started as a home project whilst I (Joshua) studied to complete my undergraduate degree. It has been a project which has only been inhibited by my own abilities. Many versions and demos have been scratched in search of me finding the right balance of ability versus vision.
Forgotten Ball in late 2012 became what it is today; I ditched the old demos and designs; and went forward with a vision of a 'cubic DNA like structure'. I stuck to this vision, but have kept an open development plan; I had not forced myself a release date, which meant I could prototype and try out things that might not have been possible with an end date. This in its beginnings was a project to learn Unity, now its a project that just keeps me learning.

In September 2014, Forgotten Ball was successively funded on Kickstarter raising £1,837 to help bring the project to completion. Since then, Forgotten Ball has been deep in development.

Forgotten Ball is expected to release late September 2015.


Narrated Beta playthrough


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Game Designer / Developer
Joshua Croft

Joshua Buck



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