Monthly Archives: May 2015

Narrated play through of area one of Forgotten Ball on mobile (iPhone 5)

Last update of the month from me (I realise this would be the third post this month! sorry). Lots of progress over a short period of time (nice lull between exams and thesis start) so I feel like I have more to show.

I haven’t done a video like this before, really I’m just showing where I am and what has changed. The video is out of focus at times, but it’s still okay. Really, I just wanted to show the in game menu, at around 1:45. and show you all how it is looking on mobile platform.

Wait, when I say things are perfect – I mean I am very very happy with them.

Just sharing App icon ver 2

So this is version two of the app icon, after 4 days of 12 hour dev I feel like I have really brought the project together. And hopefully this ‘icing on the cake’ icon shows that. Few minor things to fix, then the next month is fixing bugs.

Demo coming very soon, and Beta release being rolled out tomorrow!

Hope you are all well, Josh.

A glimpse of the first couple of minutes of gameplay

Really, I wanted to show Forgotten Ball’s final ‘look’. It’s cleaner, colours have balanced and the game doesn’t trip over itself with geometry blocking camera. Background is not staying black either.

This video shows a play as if from a new user (no save data), in this instance there is no title menu, the game launches, and the title of Forgotten Ball appears during the drop to bottom as do leading credits. The reason for this is I noticed players could not tell if they were falling to their death, or not during that section during playtests, also I like it.

This video is now out of date, but I try.