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ScreenshotSaturday 9


A pretty special image for me, as what is captured represents around 2 weeks work, and it is well beyond the mid-point of the game world. Currently not all is present, some AI are missing and enemies not all there. I am missing sound effects dearly now too, however the positives:

  • Still 60fps
  • Less than 30 draw calls
  • 30,000 vertexs
  • 13 animations
  • 4 update loops
  • 400kb of texture data.

Yeah, I am happy. I never share these kinda images, but I like them. Oh and the game body is orange in this section; I like orange.

Develop pre-mumbles

I’m at Develop Conference in Brighton this July for no reason than to watch some talks by people who have done what I aim to do. Hopefully I will be able to show my game to anyone whom I get into conversations with, but yeah I have anxiety about going to the shops so this will be a lot of fun, sigh.

This iPad demo is a pain in the bottom, as it means I have to cut later level development to fix any bugs that are present as well as ensuring a smooth frame rate, otherwise known as 60fps. I also need to find out exactly how much I can get into this demo without adversely effecting frame rate etc. I decided to add more animations to the game, I think right now in game at any time there are 260 animations, but thankfully only around 20 are being rendered at its worst. This isn’t too bad on mobile devices, they can just about handle it (iPhone 4).

Anyway, development..

I am preparing the game to be filmed for a trailer, I think this trailer will be at most 2 minutes in length, and it’s making sure that certain elements behave as intended. This meant I have had to fix a lot of the lerping of sound/speed and lighting so that it is not shit. This is a problem I have with development, I in a hurry write shit code to get the core mechanic in; half a year later I fix that stuff up and it is just a bit rubbish.

I also recently duplicated the GUI/Menu for the PC version from the mobile version, truth be told the development plan looks like I will finish the mobile versions before desktop, only a couple of weeks between versions tho. Duplicating the menu did kinda break the menu too (I have added a couple of lines so that the menu behave similar to a ViewState control to those familiar with .Net) by forcing it to show debug level skip info, it’s handy for testing and showing different areas.

At some stage I would like to create branches, in a subversion system so that I can split the builds appropriately. I don’t truly know if that will work, it probably wont.

That’s pretty much all development for now; I am back to commuting by train to work which means I get that extra couple of hours a day to fix bugs etc. This is nice, I don’t get to fix bugs all that often, and a couple of hours a day set aside to play/fix is very nice indeed (though I do like a good book too).

7 days to develop conference for me.