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#ScreenshotSaturday 7(ish) plus new lighting.

screenshotsaturday7Top image, is Emily encounter. This is the first playable character in the game that isn’t Ball. I released this screenshot as part of screenshotsaturday on Twitter, but I did some work on this game Saturday so this image is already out of date.

sss7new lights
Firstly, I have changed the lighting, the game is too dark in places and this is clear when demoing the game to people or taking screenshots, I may tweak the brightness down a little, but this is close to final. It also looks clean.

screenshotsaturday7EmilyAs well as changing the main light, I took away this light in the playable character sections of the game. Emily section is meant to be an event of the past (as are all) ; I am hoping this single targeted light shows that the player is in a different time. These memory events, are varied between 20 seconds, to a few minutes in length.

I didn’t create a screenshot for the weekend just gone

You know how these things go, I have a large error in one part of the game; it’s not a nice error and it’s something I have been avoiding. In one single section; frame rate drops from 60, to 45fps. I don’t have a clue how this has happened; I have removed all my Update() functions from the game apart from that crucial script on the player. I have removed animations, super optimised assets (which brought a the Draw Count down a whopping 40 draws, to 28 at most). But still, the frame rate, after all this is hovering at 55fps. Its ugly.

I have done all sorts to strip the game back to find the problem; but I think it’s now time to buy Unity Pro, and Profile Forgotten Ball. This means I will be starting a Kickstarter, only for that software. I hope it is a good choice.