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World 5

Forgotten Ball W5

This is a couple of days work and design, and it’s the new section of game world after World 4.

Some ideas have met their natural end within Forgotten Ball’s world. I don’t want to reuse elements to often and I don’t want an unnatural difficulty spike. Which has meant I have had to stray from the design document in order to keep the game fresh. This means there are some ideas to come that I didn’t originally plan to use.

Without giving much away, World 5 is the mid point of the game; early enemies and AI are more frequent and precision is part of the games key areas. When floating the user will need a good understanding of the game to this point so that they know how to utilise floating so that they can get past certain areas.

This area is also the first of 3 smart enemy encounters. Some inspiration from a couple of Mega Drive games I was playing at the weekend.


#ScreenshotSaturday 005

Forgotten Ball Screenshot saturday 5

This is a late screenshot of the suspected final look of Forgotten Ball on platforms that are not mobile. There is also some dynamic things happening in this screenshot; the camera is rotating, the enemies are moving and some of the world is falling apart.

On a side note; I just handed in my final assignment for the year.

#ScreenshotSaturday 004

Forgotten Ball dev 004This one is following on from last week, I have increased the lighting and moved the distance between the ball and camera ever so slightly. This will need testing: is the ball to small? As the distance between the ball and camera has increased, more of the game world is on show, will this cause rendering spikes or affect performance?

The Pink is corner volumes; for the corner functionality.