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#ScreenshotSaturday 7(ish) plus new lighting.

screenshotsaturday7Top image, is Emily encounter. This is the first playable character in the game that isn’t Ball. I released this screenshot as part of screenshotsaturday on Twitter, but I did some work on this game Saturday so this image is already out of date.

sss7new lights
Firstly, I have changed the lighting, the game is too dark in places and this is clear when demoing the game to people or taking screenshots, I may tweak the brightness down a little, but this is close to final. It also looks clean.

screenshotsaturday7EmilyAs well as changing the main light, I took away this light in the playable character sections of the game. Emily section is meant to be an event of the past (as are all) ; I am hoping this single targeted light shows that the player is in a different time. These memory events, are varied between 20 seconds, to a few minutes in length.

I didn’t create a screenshot for the weekend just gone

You know how these things go, I have a large error in one part of the game; it’s not a nice error and it’s something I have been avoiding. In one single section; frame rate drops from 60, to 45fps. I don’t have a clue how this has happened; I have removed all my Update() functions from the game apart from that crucial script on the player. I have removed animations, super optimised assets (which brought a the Draw Count down a whopping 40 draws, to 28 at most). But still, the frame rate, after all this is hovering at 55fps. Its ugly.

I have done all sorts to strip the game back to find the problem; but I think it’s now time to buy Unity Pro, and Profile Forgotten Ball. This means I will be starting a Kickstarter, only for that software. I hope it is a good choice.

#ScreenshotSaturday 005

Forgotten Ball Screenshot saturday 5

This is a late screenshot of the suspected final look of Forgotten Ball on platforms that are not mobile. There is also some dynamic things happening in this screenshot; the camera is rotating, the enemies are moving and some of the world is falling apart.

On a side note; I just handed in my final assignment for the year.

#ScreenshotSaturday 004

Forgotten Ball dev 004This one is following on from last week, I have increased the lighting and moved the distance between the ball and camera ever so slightly. This will need testing: is the ball to small? As the distance between the ball and camera has increased, more of the game world is on show, will this cause rendering spikes or affect performance?

The Pink is corner volumes; for the corner functionality.

#ScreenShotSaturday 003

Forgotten BallScreenshot 3 is very new, it shows new colourations for the brickwork, a new enemy of sorts and I am happy with this area generally. There was feedback which I am acting upon, and it’s that the game is a little dark (image compression hasn’t helped) but I am fixing this and will update next Saturday!